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Scansoft PaperPort Desktop link for SCP/SFTP

1) Make a folder on your windows system for project (mkdir c:\scp_sends)

2) Get the putty SCP executable - this will allow you to use windows commandline to initiate the transfer this is located here pscp.exe download page or direct to file ***Put this file in your project folder you created above (mkdir c:\scp_sends)

3) create the following batch file (.bat) on your windows system using notepad and place it in our project folder as well:

notepad c:\scp_sends\scp_send.bat
c:\scp_sends\pscp.exe -pw {your password} %1{location of target on server}

4) Create a new link on your PaperPort desktop by right clicking in a blank space in the links bar, select the menu send to bar->new link. when it asks for the program browse to our batch filec:\scp_sends\scp_send.bat. Take all the rest of the defaults.


**** The above is a batch file with an argument. This means that what ever is entered after your scp_send.bat will be considered %1. In PaperPort, the system appends the file name to what ever the link program is. When you drag your file to the our new batch file link it will append the file name to the end of the command (.bat file) and then execute. This will insert the file name into the commandline that initiates the SCP program and it sends

If all goes well the file will be sent to the server to the designated folder specified above as {location of target on server}

You have to consider that adding -pw will remove a step in the process but represents a security problem as the .bat file is a text file and others on your computer can see this. If you take it our, you are prompted each time when you use the link to enter your password.

Another crappy thing is the file arrives as the temp file name not the name of the document on your PaperPort desktop. This sucks because the name of the file becomes ~temp000max.jpg or the extension you tell PaperPort to convert the file to.


Bestof luck and if you need further help call me: 949-248-2290