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Extending the Reach of Companies
Light Speed Internet Associates Brings Business In

Light Speed Internet Associates
Our Work

Light Speed Internet Associates has been part Internet business and ecommerce since the mid 90's.

Do you look at your Internet site and ask why?
Do you oooh and ahhh over the pretty flash presentation you overpaid for?
Were you advised by your Internet site builder that being on the Internet would bring business?

Building business on the Internet is not about the pretty pictures, it's about the WHY! and more importantly the client question, WHAT CAN IT DO FOR ME.

What We Do

Light Speed Internet Associates develops easily implemented Internet business models and packages tailored closely to the customer's needs. We leverage our network of professionals to extend your company's reach beyond the storefront into the Internet and other markets.

Unlike other Internet companies
Light Speed recognized eight years ago that the current marketing model employed by many of our ISP competitors was breeding bad business where businesses were told they would reap the rewards of a vast fast moving marketplace online and sell millions! This strategy did not represent business interests but rather the interests of the ISP's as means to sell a monthly service that would never stop once started.

Light Speed is Different
We evaluate our client's business and sales market to best understand the target visitor. We ask the hard questions of your marketing team or the owner of the business to find out who in the organization really knows what the company does or sells. Often and not suprising, the company cannot answer the question, they have been doing business so long they lost site of those making choices about their company's product.

We care about your business as much as you do and we represent you and fight for you in the Internet world to get sales just like the best sales person you have on staff, just like the owner. We demand more from ourselves and our own finished product.



Web Project Management
Online Marketing

Light Speed Internet Associates
Owner Profile: David Blinder has a proven track record in the area of web project management deploying hundreds of successful ecommerce sites the have made their owners significant profits over the years. Light Speed's primary mission is to develop sites quickly, deploy and enhance based on site statistical data.

Real Estate Sales

Real estate sales became part of our area of expertise in 1990 when we pioneered the fist data drive site based on MLS information. Since that time we have developed further with the access granted to brokers via the NAR's Broker Reciprocity Rules (IDX). These rules grant the broker access and use of the MLS listing data to present on their web site regardless of they ownership of any listing specifically. Simply put, we engineered and site develop software for brokers with similar power seen on sites like and We give this power to the broker. In many cases our techniques bring search engines in and develop the site in its respective market to the extent that many of our customers maintain a dominance.

Homes in San Diego
The Homes in San Diego project has lead to the sale of over 50 homes last year 2003 with projection to beat that number this year. We have a secured place in San Diego and our sites provide one of the best interfaces online for home seekers.

Homes South Florida
In the South Florida Fort Lauderdale market our software helped propel a newer agent from nothing to 40 new buyer leads per day.

Homes in Las Vegas
The homes in Las Vegas projected helped our broker close 70% more business this year.

Homes in San Francisco
Homes in Riverside
Homes in Riverside help our agents in this market effect more sales this year. It is a newer effort and growing each day

Homes in Orange County
Homes in Orange County was given a face list with one of the best interfaces we've have developed to date. This site is powerful consumer MLS search tool that keeps users coming back time and time again. Our real estate agents have received numerous favorable comments about its ease of use and value to the customer.

Arizona - We are currently seeking a broker/agent in the Arizona Phoenix real estate market to work with. If you are interested in winning online,
please call us at (888) 218-8645

If you are a real estate broker or agent looking at IDX solutions and need a site that wins give us call and we will see if we can help you. We are not interested in all markets, our focus is on housing growth markets.

Ecommerce Logistics
Owner Profile: Charles Popick is a leader in his field. Currently he is working on the ISO standard for online product ordering and fulfillment at the prestigious If you engage in Ecommerce now and need to move product faster while reducing costs, Charles Popick is the one of a handful of specialist in this field.

Marketing - Television and Radio


Light Speed Domain Names
If you want to create a website for your business online we highly recommend you purchase the use of a domain name as part of your strategy. Purchasing a domain name is easy and priced very resonably for any small business or individual. Purchase Domains Here

The domain name you choose is crutial to your success. Many people do not understand the value of good names, here at Light Speed we can tell you from 10 years in the business that it matters. One resource we like to use is This site helps you sift through the piles of names and find a great match you can live with. Remeber, look here and buy from us, as a company that supports its customers, buying from us will win you points you can redeem later in the way of advise.